Using Hong Kong as a regional hub, we work with clients in a variety
of ways. General consulting through full turn key manufacturing solutions.
LCM Group Ltd can help you manage & work with the right vendors for
your project needs.

We offer the following services:

* Consulting: Assistance in choosing the right factory. Through contacts      
and working relationships with a host of vendors we can help you pinpoint
& evaluate the  best operations for your requirements.
* Quality Control: We can help with your inspections and quality control
during the production runs, saving you worry, time and money.
* Shipping: As a service to clients we assist in product shipment world wide.
* Manufacturing: Full turn key solutions & all your manufacturing needs in a
variety of materials. Including: wood, resins, fiberglass and metals.
* Factory Audits & Inspections: Along with Q/C work we can assist you in
factory evaluations.
* Product & Package Design. Original design work & creative solutions
from an experienced team.
* Factory Representation: We provide the services of top level, ISO rated,
vendors that meet or surpass most retail client health, employee
safeguards and safety issues.

Working to help business' in Asia since 1980. Our Hong Kong and China
teams can work with you to find the right solution for your needs.
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