We can help you do Original Equipment
Manufacturing (OEM) in Asia.

We create product in; poly RESINS, poly
stone & fiberglass resin. WOOD, veneers &
MDF for furniture & games. Client designs
for garden items, planters, statues & others.
Vinyl & various PLASTICS. METALS, TIN and
ALLOYS for figures, swords, game pieces,
lunch boxes, coaster sets & others.
SOAP and BATH products.
BOARD GAME production & PRINT work.

Don't see your product here ask, chances are
we produced previously, contact us to enquire.
Wood Games
Game Board Production
Poly Stone & Metal Alloys
Metal Alloys
lunch boxes
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OEM Manufacturing;
Linmark International Company Limited
Quibbles Magnet Game
Bottle Topps
3-dimensional Twist Tac Toe
Captain's Mistress